About Us


Zawaq Foods is a member of the Cigalah Group and was established in 1994, the factory opened is 1996 on the outskirts of Jeddah adjacent to the main Makkah highway. This being the first part of a planned Group-owned industrial complex. The factory was equipped with the very latest production and packaging machinery supplied by major companies in the USA, UK and Holland. This ensures that product output of the factory meets the highest food safety standards requirements accordingly the factory is ISO 2200 and JAS-ANZ accredit. The aim of the Zawaq operation was not only to produce its own brands of snack foods and cereals but also have the facility to produce and pack for international principals/brands to a strictly defined and controlled consistency plus standards.


Food Manufacturing Company Certified | ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 22000-2018

Quality Policy

”Zawaq Foods Factory is committed to manufacture, develop, and sell a wide range of snacks which are all high quality and hygienically processed. It is also committed to continually improving the effectiveness of its quality management system.”


We will provide our consumers and customers with good quality product to achieve and recognized as a leading food factory.

Factory Commitment

Zawaq Foods commitment is to never compromise on the safety compliance and quality of our product and services and comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as internal requirements.

Zawaq Employee

We also encourage to improve our employee to perform their duty in standard way by giving them training, education, coaching and supervision.

Product Consistency

It will seek consistency in the performance, composition and product with zero defects that are trusted and preferred by our customers.


Our vision is to find ourselves in the list of the best food manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, we aim to broad our customers group not only within Saudi Arabia, but also in the Middle East. Our first priority is to produce high quality and safe snacks.


We will work together to achieve our vision by continual development of our organization, personnel and products. The purpose of our business is to provide high quality snacks with various shapes and flavors to our intended customers. We have existed not only to make profit, but also to extend the national products in the market and to compete with existed competitors.

Zawaq Foods Factory is implementing and maintaining quality management system, and conducting HACCP plan in order to accomplish our mission. The top manager is responsible for providing all necessary resources and materials needed to maintain the quality management system.


– Excellence
– Honesty and Integrity
– Innovation
– Teamwork