Apart from just production, the company is proud of its innovation and product development, which again is often carried out in conjuction with principals and suppliers. Additionally, Zawaq is able to call on marketing, product development and even packaging development expertise held within the main Yousuf M.A Naghi and Sons Group.

Zawaq foods offer its clients full production services for the following:

Potato Chips
Corn Snacks
Pallet Snacks
Filled Biscuits
Grain Snacks
Chocolate Crunch
Zawaq – Pellets to go


With it’s intrinsic knowledge of snack production techniques and what is required in terms of raw materials and products to produce range of quality products that are aligned to market requirements, it has now developed and is able to supply a range of base snack pellets that will allow snack manufacturers to produce and market a range of quality packed snack products.


Zawaq Dried Pellets

– Offer longer shelf life
– Are ideal for snack product manufacturers
– Are also suitable for retail home use / preparation
– Available in multi-dimensional form be in single or double layer
– Wheat flour and corn powder varieties available
– Can be fried or roasted
– Can be transported in various conditions without product deterioration
– Are supplied in numerous shapes and recipes
– Recipes can be customized to customers as per their requirements and specifications


Zawaq Cereal & Oats Production and Packaging

Zawaq Foods have through their international connections been able to source base premium oat and ce3- real products from established suppliers in various geographical locations, including the UK, that are renowned for quality and adherence to international standards. This link in to a fast and efficient production and packing line has enabled Zawaq to supply clients with premium own brand retail products. Zawaq can also provide a complete packaging design facility own brand products.